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Michelle Dean Kaminer graduated from Fordham University at Lincoln Center in 2001 with a Bachelor's Degree in Theater and Visual Arts. Currently, she works as a freelance photographer and video editor for an independent music label and as a wardrobe dresser at The Metropolitan Opera House. 

"I have been taking photos, mostly in and of New York City, since the year 2000. I started off in the early 2000s shooting the nightlife scene of downtown Manhattan. That was an amazing vibrant time capsule that I had the pleasure and honor of capturing.

Even in the hard and chaotic times, I feel an ever lasting vibrancy that resonates on the streets and the buildings. The dichotomy of the cultures, our history, the past and present is mesmerizing. No matter what changes come about, the neighborhoods themselves, keep their vibe through their buildings and streets. For the most part, the new structures are respectfully, albeit oddly, erected and stand about the old, stone and brick sandwiched by glass and steel. They come, they take a stand and say, here I am! There is beauty in the new.  And some of it is done so well. Seeing it stand beside the old, is a fascinating visual. I am amazed at the architectural salad of New York City.  NYC is a beautiful fascinating collision of it all. Life pulsates through its veins. The city's glow serves a purpose. There's magic in the grit, grit in the magic. Rain, light, sky, birds dance with the urban landscape. This is the duality of the city, where contradictions blend to create an extraordinary tapestry of life. "


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